Exeve can engage with young people, vulnerable and disenfranchised individuals and those at risk of reoffending, to help them make good decisions, avoid negative influences and make positive life choices.

We can work with youth offending teams, the Probation Service, local authorities and other social welfare organisations to enrich the lives of young and adult offenders and generate constructive and positive behaviour.

Whether they are looking to develop social skills such as respect, self-awareness, empathy, confidence or self-belief, or are preparing for resettlement, Exeve’s bespoke programmes can make a huge impact.

We believe that confidence holds the key to enabling someone to reach their full potential.

By focusing on their individual needs, we look at ways to build confidence, develop emotional awareness and intelligence and improve communication skills.

We’ve invested in industry-leading equipment, which enables us to deliver a wide range of activities – from desktop and physical – which help to develop the self-esteem of the young people we work with.

Our activities provide many opportunities for positive assessment, and often surprise individuals about their capabilities and good nature.

This can result in reversing the ‘labelling’ effect, where negative labels such as ‘troublemaker’ are replaced with more optimistic ones, which helps build self-esteem.

Successfully completing challenging activities also helps to develop confidence, which directly impacts offending behaviour, as low self-esteem is usually a contributory factor.

Developing key skills like decision-making, problem-solving, planning, assertiveness and self-control can reduce the chances of further offending.

Our activities can also help to develop better relationships between the people we work with and your staff, to help avert or defuse future confrontations.

To find out more about how Exeve can give your clients the skills they need to look to the future with confidence, get in touch today.